hazardous funk

Thanks for cd - loving it - Basting-- my favourite

The world is ready for a sound like this “

“Wow! New Hazardous Funk album a little darker than expected! Am at Kilburn Head Funk currently. It's moody and self-indulgent (in a good way - am I allowed to say that?) Anyway, I love it :-) It'a a bit like Miles Davis meets The Cardiacs, only more Hazardous...”

wonderful. loving it. meaty and perfect for the time of year”

“;) sounds awesome! second track, very well done! like it :)

Kilburn Head Funk :-) great stuff so far, really enjoy it! reminds me of david torn, nils petter molvaer, a tiny little bit of jon hassell etc..

very good, congrats!”

“F@@king love the CD and i really mean .” “honestly the best new music iv'e heard in five years, fucking love it.”

“great album a bit mad in places but I guess the clues in the name “

“AAAAAlso basting the joint (reprise) is like WHHHAAAAAT?! so phat. as are the others and im luvin the lil dubstep influences.”

also are the guitar sounds you or the guitarist cos if theyre you id loove to find out to make stuff like that as well, particularly the one in 'they never left'. and the lil sidechain verb at the begining of the solo in basting the joint reprise is madness. madness.

“thats I didn't expect. great!

George Clinton earlier days came in my mind, while listening.

My favourite at the moment is the 2nd track;), because of that catchy swing.

Unbelievable that "self made" sound!”

A few comments on the The New Hazardous Funk Album Chasing Oblivion ;-)